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Mariel Rearte Senior editor

TinyWord is a free and complete word processor that has little to envy MS Word in terms of design and functionality. TinyWord offers a wide array of features to create, view, edit, and print text documents. Taking up only 20 MB of disk space, TinyWord comprises all the essential functions that MS Word or OpenOffice Writer have to offer.
With it you will be able to create basic text files with formatted text and images, and also handle more complex documents and work with hyperlinks, annotations, bookmarks, headers/footers, and tables. TinyWord supports the most common document formats, that is, it can open and create documents in MS Word .DOC, .DOT, and .DOCX, TXT, HTML, XML, OpenOffice formats, and AbiWord formats. Additionally, you can add plugins to handle other file types.

Its interface and the way the basic functions are arranged resemble the old versions of MS Word; below the menu there is the toolbar from which you can open a file, create a new document, print, undo, copy/paste, etc. All these functions can be called via hotkeys as well. The format toolbar, in turn, comprises all text formatting-related functions; fonts, bold, italic, font size, color, indents, etc.

In short, TinyWord is a great alternative to MS Word, as it can efficiently handle simple text files as well as more demanding tasks.


  • Open source.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ability to handle complex text documents.
  • Supports multiple text formats.
  • Very easy to use.
  • A great alternative to MS Word.


  • None.

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    Guest Last month

    I'm looking for Windows 8, it's hard to have the newest one and not anything works with it.

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